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Fodera Pope 2012 preamp

I recently acquired a 2009 Fodera Imperial bass with the 2012 Fodera/Pope preamp. The preamp has user selectable eq. Two bands each for high/treble and low/bass, and three possibilities for the mids. I was trying to match the eq on my 2004 Fodera Emperor ll which I have owned for four years.

I ran both basses through a spectograph to try to identify the eq points. I saw that each eq point on either bass had a significant effect on the eq an octave away which made it hard to be sure of the primary point.

I contacted Jason DiSalvo at Fodera and he tracked down the literature describing the eq. A bassist named Tim Mullally had been in a similar dilemma and Laura Fodera obtained the info which they kndly shared with me. I am sharing the document here for other Fodera owners.